Town & Desert

June 13, 2014 § 0

A splendid treat to have a sitting with the designers of PartySkirts at their home in Rancho Mirage, Lauren and Mariel Armstrong. Along with tastemaker Palm Springs Style, The Fine Art of Design's own stylist/photographer Luisa Marielli Ortega, and makeup artist and hair designer Yajaira Villagomez we set out to create the "Vintage Tone of the Season." See the shoot at PalmSpringsStyle.Com

Roxana Salehoun Swimwear

March 24, 2014 § 2


The Fine Art of Design has many fabulous friends with fantastic innovative dreams coming to life in fashion, whether it be the best silk party skirts, best new handbags, gorgeous taste making,  or even the most decedent cotton panties - Going to Parsons School of Design introduced us all to the magical world of fashion while introducing us to sustainability, luxury and fashion history. This summer as bikini season approaches and it is time to pack our goods to tan at the pool or dip in the ocean we take a moment to swim with my favorite bikini designer, Roxana Salehoun. Handmade applique adorned swimsuits in velvet, made in the United States with a nod to the past but with modern fits and style. The following video directed by Roxine Helberg is a perfect encapsulation of the gorgeous new designer making her debut splash into the poolside fashion arena.