Sarah Scheideman & Katherine Martinez

June 29, 2012 Comments Off

 two women who can work the coachella valley and are changing the vibes forever
ms. sarah pioneered the:
and ms. katherine of 'the bookshop':
1970s Halter Dress on KM
1990s Moschino Silk Shirt on SS
1980s Calvin Klein Silk Suit on KM
1970s Silk Pajamas on SS
1940s Hat with Moschino "autograph" 1990s Blazer on KM
1940s Hat with Donna Karen DKNY 1990s Houndstooth Blazer on SS
1980s Raeem Khan Hand Beaded Bolero on KM
1950s Houndstooth Dress  & late 1970s Sequined "Sister Max" Cardigan on SS
1960s i Magnin Pink Velvet Gown on KM
1960s English Blazer & Christian Dior Shirt on special guest:
1970s Sequined Trim Chiffon Gown with Rose Silk Cocoon Vest on SS

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