TREND ALERT: Regency Fashion

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Gwyneth Paltrow in a film adaptation of Emma, written by Jane Austen
Fashion has always proved to be an indicator of the times. It's whims mirror the populations' take on political, social, and religious matters. Like waves, it will go from flashy extravagance in times of blind prosperity, to toned down modest frocks in times of political unrest. 
A great example is the short period after the French Revolution, in which great scrutiny came to lavish styles. As the political field turned into more democratic ways, so did the fashions. Women took a note from the Roman classics, and brought back the "empire" waist, allowing the female to rid herself of the binding corsets, and to enjoy the ease of breezy styles. 
During this time, roughly the mid 1790's to 1820's, the Regency fashions reigned and women embraced their natural figures. Here is a collection of the beautiful romanticism that came from that time.

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